Toxic Beauty

I’ve been on a mission lately to replace my beauty products with less toxic ones. For example, I look for paraben-free, organic ingredients, and basically ingredients I can read and understand. But it’s even more dire than I thought, and more difficult to find low toxicity products. I’m not sure how accurate the cosmetics database is, but basically it’s telling me that things I though were bad are not (like my Secret anti-perspirant) and my paraben-free Kiss My Face Body lotion is (well, it got 5/10 — moderately safe). The only truly non-toxic products seem to be some small little businesses who can barely keep up with the demand. Juice Beauty has not been reviewed, which is the closest I’ve come to finding decent skin care that doesn’t come with the chemicals. I look forward to finding out more.

Annie Leonard tells more about Safe Cosmetics.


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