Journal Entry

The hardest part about being an adult is that there is no one left to give you answers. As a child, our parents or grandparents were always able to give us guidance; as did our teachers, counsellors and coaches. But there is that excruciating moment when we all realize that no matter what, no one can make a decision for you. No one can tell you what is right and what is wrong. If you were meant to be a writer or devote yourself to yoga or if you were just meant to be a graphic designer and be done with it. Or maybe there is nothing that you or anyone else was truly meant to be. Or maybe there is no person who you were meant to be with. No soulmate, no perfect job. Just the job or the person that can make you feel as fulfilled as a person could feel knowing that if life is completely full there is nothing left to strive for. That to be full would mean boredom. That we need to feel desire and want. It makes us feel alive to want something unattainable. Once we attain it, it becomes the wallpaper of our lives. It’s just there and we accept it, and trick ourselves into feeling constantly unhappy.


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